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Why Planet Zero?

Because food needs to stop traveling. We now have the means, technology and will to change our way of consuming food. If you have decided that your own apples, meat, tomatoes or lettuce from now on is to share, start selling them on Planet Zero. If you on the other hand want easy access to locally produced food – Planet Zero is your treasure map. of the food-tech revolution.

Buy it or grow it?

Planet Zero is a marketplace for hyper local food in its cleanest form. Non processed, nothing added and brought up by you, your neighbor or your local farm. Either you grow and earn money or you buy and get access to locally produced fresh crops and food. On Planet Zero you will find anything from fruit, vegetables, meat, firewood, milk, herbs, flowers , honey and eggs. You get the picture.  

You do good you get good

Have plenty of fresh apples over? Planet Zero is the place for you. It doesn’t matter if the customer is your neighbor or a tourist visiting. Both will find you, make the purchase and rate it in the app. Super green, safe, smart and easy.

Planet Zero needs your help to grow

The closer you have to a fellow grower or buyer, the more likely is it that you will experience Planet Zero as a game changer for hyper local food. Download the app and start selling your crops or find your new favorite locally producers. Please spread the word and share this food-tech experience with friends, family and neighbors.